Photo: Satu Haavisto

Studying Finnish

How and where can I study Finnish?

Although it is possible to take a degree in Finland only using English, it is worthwhile to learn some Finnish as well. It makes your everyday life in Finland easier, and help you to understand the people and culture better. Also, learning at least the basics of the local language can be a considerable asset for you when searching for employment after graduation.

The Finnish language is taught at more than 100 universities around the world. In Finland several universities offer degree studies in Finnish for advanced level learners, and most universities in Finland offer beginner's level Finnish courses to their students at language centres.

In addition to the Finnish universities' language centres, there are several other organisers of Finnish courses in Finland throughout the year. Please refer to the links in the section Studying Finnish in Finland.

And if you know Finnish (or Swedish) already, you might of course consider applying to full degree studies offered in our national languages. See some advice on this in the section Studying in Finnish or Swedish.