About 7 000 foreign exchange students come to Finland from all over Europe via the Erasmus+ exchange programme each year, to spend a semester or a whole academic year at a Finnish university or UAS.

  • The Erasmus+ study mobility option is for European higher education students who are studying a degree programme at a higher education institution in the Erasmus+ programme countries
  • Certain mobility options are also available for students in the non-European Erasmus+ partner countries.
  • The students can receive an Erasmus+ mobility grant for the Erasmus exchange study period from their home institution.

You can find a listing of the Erasmus+ National Agencies on the European Commission Erasmus+ website.

How to participate in Erasmus+ student exchange?

You can apply for the exchange through the International Exchange Office of your home institution. The Erasmus+ programme coordinators at your home institution can provide you with information on the available Erasmus+ study mobility destinations, grants, application periods and all the other details you need to know.

Erasmus+ traineeship as part of degree studies

In addition to study periods abroad, the Erasmus+ programme offers a possibility to complete a traineeship in another European country.

  • The Erasmus+ traineeship should last 2-12 months
  • The traineeship should always be included as part of the trainee's degree studies.

If you are interested in doing an Erasmus placement in Finland, your first step is to contact the International office of your home institution for some more information.

Please note: Study in Finland cannot arrange an Erasmus+ traineeship in Finland for you. If your home university does not have any traineeship connections to Finland, you need to search for a hosting company or organisation independently. You can however find some job search -related links and hints to help you move forward in the Working section of this site.