Exchange programmes

photo: Satu Haavisto

Exchange programmes

Find your way to Finland as an exchange student

If you would like to do spend your student exchange in Finland, you can get information from the international adviser at your current home university or from the Finnish university/UAS you’ve chosen to visit. Within Europe, Erasmus+ or Nordplus are popular programmes, but they are not the only options. Finnish universities also have lots of student exchange agreements with universities outside Europe.

Once your plans become more concrete, you should contact the chosen university/UAS directly and in good time, preferably a year before the beginning of the study period abroad.

...or as a free mover

If you are currently studying your degree abroad, you may also be able to come independently outside existing exchange programmes or agreements as a free mover. A free mover has right to study usually at most for one year.

  • To start this process, you should check which university/UAS and which study programme you prefer.
  • Next, please check if the Finnish university/UAS in question accepts 'free movers'. Some universities/UAS's may not do so, for example if their annual quota of exchange students is full.
  • You should send your application directly to the institution. Contact their Student Exchange office for advice!
  • Also, you should bear in mind that free movers are not usually eligible for any exchange grants, unless your home institution is offering mobility grants for such purposes.