Non-EU tuition fees and scholarships

If you are a non-EU/EEA student applying to English-taught Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, you should note that you will be required to pay tuition fees. The extent of the fee depends on the degree programme. Scholarship options are available for gifted students.

Tuition fees are not charged in Doctoral studies, or degree courses offered in Finnish or Swedish.

Scholarship options

Finnish universities and UAS’s offer scholarship options for gifted non-EU/EEA students admitted to their fee-charging degree programmes.

Each individual university/UAS has its own scholarship system. The scholarships are often based on your academic performance, and may be offered in the form of either full or partial fee waivers, performance-based refunds, etc. Some scholarship options may also include a living cost allowance.

You apply for a scholarship from the university/UAS, usually at the same time as you apply for admission.

Information on the scholarships, application procedures, and payment options are available from the university/UAS you are planning to apply to. See our link list that takes you to each institution’s tuition fees and scholarships information page.

Tuition fees

Currently the annual tuition fees vary approximately between 4 000-18 000 euros, depending on the programme. To check how much your annual tuition fee would be, you should turn to the university/UAS that offers the degree programme you wish to apply to.


You are not required to pay tuition fees, if you are:

  • a non-EU/EEA student and have started your degree studies in Finland before autumn 2017
  • admitted to Doctoral/PhD level studies and research
  • going to study temporarily in Finland as part of an official student exchange programme
  • admitted to a degree programme taught in Finnish or Swedish (see section Studying in Finnish or Swedish)
  • an EU/EEA citizen, or a citizen of Switzerland
  • a family member of an EU/EEA citizen (*
  • a holder of a permanent Finnish residence permit or long-term resident’s EU residence permit in Finland

*) check the definition of "family member" and other details regarding the exemption rules at the 'Am I required to pay tuition fees?' section of the application site.

If unsure about your fee status, you can also contact the Admissions Services of the university/UAS you're planning to apply to for advice.