If you are enrolled as a degree student in Finland, you are usually eligible for student discounts also in local public transport!


To Finland

Once you’ve been admitted, it’s time to arrange your travel to Finland, your study destination! It’s a good idea to start checking out the options well in advance, so that you can compare different alternatives and the required costs.
Most international flights to Finland arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, an international airport with good international and domestic connections. Once in your destination, you can continue your journey from the airport to the town centre by bus or airport taxi – in Helsinki, you can even take a local train directly from the airport.

There are international train links to Helsinki from Moscow and St. Petersburg. (Why isn’t there a direct train connection from the western neighbor Sweden, we hear you ask? This is due to the difference in railway track gauge!) You can arrive by sea from Sweden, as well as from Germany or Estonia. The main harbor towns are Helsinki and Turku.

In Finland

Public transport is well organised in Finland. Most towns and cities have local bus services. Helsinki has buses, trams, local trains and a metro. There’s also a nationwide network of train, bus and air services. In Finland timetables are usually reliable, and trains and coaches leave on schedule. It must be admitted though - heavy snowfall can sometimes cause exceptions to this in winter time! Timetables vary slightly on public holidays, weekends and during the summer.
With your Finnish student card –see section Local student unions- you can often get travel discounts on long-distance trains and coaches, possibly also in public local traffic.

For your leisure time travel, there are a variety of interesting tours from adventure holidays to escorted luxury tours on offer. Why not for example travel to Lapland in winter to see the Nordic Lights! Check out VisitFinland.com or contact your local tourist office in Finland.

In the neighboring countries

Finland’s northern location, next to Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia, offers excellent and exciting travel opportunities. There are good flight connections to all the neighboring countries, daily ferry connections to Sweden and Estonia as well as to Russia in summertime. Russia can also be reached by coach and by train. Stockholm, Tallinn and St Petersburg are beautiful towns and popular travel destinations – well worth your visit!

You can of course travel to other countries, too. Short visits to other Schengen countries are usually possible without an additional visa, on a Finnish student residence permit. But especially if you travel to a non-Schengen country during your stay in Finland, always remember to carefully check whether you need a visa and/or other permits.