Union of Applied Sciences Students in Finland - SAMOK

SAMOK was founded in 1996 in Helsinki. SAMOK is a national, politically independent organisation for students at universities of applied sciences (UAS). The organisation is led by students and works to promote students’ interests. SAMOK is the umbrella organisation of the local student unions and thus has no individual members but rather the members are the local student unions. SAMOK also offers services to our member student unions and ensures that the students’ voices are heard by the state administration and other relevant stakeholders. We also arrange for services and discounts for students. The membership of a student union is optional for all students studying in Finnish universities of applied sciences. A total of approximately 65 000 students are members of the student unions that are members of SAMOK, however, SAMOK speaks for close to 140 000 UAS students all in all.

SAMOK promotes the interests of students on a national level in accordance with the goals defined by the student unions. The services that SAMOK offers support the advocacy work of the student unions. Besides advocating, defending and extending the rights of students of universities of applied sciences, SAMOK also supports the local student unions in their work and strives to keep students informed on what is going on, on a national level.

Some of the issues that SAMOK works with are:

  • Student Healthcare
  • International Degree Students
  • International cooperation
  • Health and Sports
  • Tuition fees
  • Reform of University of Applied Sciences act
  • Structural development of higher education
  • Lobbying legislators and other political actors
  • Student mobility

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