International Student Health Insurance

Important - read this first!

  • If you are going to study in some other Finnish higher education institution, that is, if your hosting Finnish institution is not listed in the above document, then please refer to the list of other insurance providers in the right-hand margin of this page.

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Marsh SIP - the packages negotiated

These packages are primarily for non EU/EEA students but can be bought by EU students if they wish to have private health insurance during their stay in Finland. These were negotiated with MARSH/SIP.

The Student Insurance Program offers 2 types of insurance solutions for covering illness and healthcare costs:

SIP complement to mutual health care cover: If you already have a basic mutual healthcare cover (or if you are entitled to a European Health Insurance Card when visiting countries in the European Economic Area and Switzerland), the SIP Complement option will top up your medical costs in full for a covered accident/illness after the allowance refunded to you by your mutual healthcare fund. Please verify if your primary cover effectively offers reimbursement in your country of destination.

SIP Integral: If you are not a member of a mutual healthcare fund (if you don’t have a basic mutual healthcare cover), then you need the SIP Integral option. Now, if you are a member of a mutual healthcare fund or if you have a basic mutual healthcare cover, please verify if your primary cover effectively offers reimbursement in your country of destination. If not, you will need the SIP Integral option. With SIP Integral option, all the treatment costs for a covered accident/ illness will be refunded to you in full from the first euro, with no maximum amount (hospital stay in a common room).

Whatever the insurance solution you go for, all the cover guarantees in your insurance package remain totally intact.
SIP will reimburse your medical expenses with no maximum amount and without deductible.

Instructions for obtaining insurance from the Student Insurance Program (SIP)

To buy the Marsh SIP insurance please go to

This website allows you to purchase your health insurance online with a credit card (VISA or Mastercard). It is as easy as that! If you have any questions about the insurance, you must contact Marsh directly (see their “contact us” section of the website).

Very important: All communications regarding this insurance (obtaining it, what it covers, and how to make a claim) should be done directly with the insurance provider. You, the student, are the policy holder and your institution has no right to discuss any issues with the insurer.

For those students still looking for their own insurance package please note the following requirements set by the Finnish government:

Necessary Insurance

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a residence permit (non-EU/EEA citizens) for studies lasting more than three months. Therefore this means that you must be covered when applying for a residence permit. This requirement is the same for degree-seeking and exchange students. Students from Quebec, Canada, are exempted from the health insurance requirement.

The type of the insurance a student needs depends on duration of the studies in Finland

For studies of less than two years in duration (primarily exchange students), you must have private health insurance which covers costs of at least 100,000 euros for medical treatment.

Where the duration of the studies is two years or more (including Master’s students), it is sufficient for the insurance to primarily cover the cost of medicines (in practice the cover extends to doctor’s fees and costs of treatment and examination), of at least 30,000 euros (this is because you have the right to a "home city" in Finland and are therefore entitled to local health care services).

Please refer to the Migri website for information on the insurance requirement!