A checklist to guide you through the basics of coming to study in Finland!

2016 Your Steps to Finland

photo: Kreetta Järvenpää

Your Steps to Finland

Are you interested in studying in Finland? You’ve come to the right place! Below you can find a checklist to assist you in getting started with your application.

1) Find the right programme

Before applying, you should first think about your study interests and decide which particular degree programme(s) you wish to apply to. The first step is an important one, as then it is easier for you to find out about details like entry requirements, application period, scholarships, and so on.

In Finland, we have two kinds of higher education institutions - universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). They offer a large number of English-taught degree programmes on various levels:

You can visit the universities’/UAS's own Admissions pages for information on the degrees and scholarship options they offer. Also, you can browse through the available options on the Studyinfo.fi application page.

If you already know Finnish or Swedish, you might also be interested in Finnish or Swedish taught degree options. Se section Study in Finnish or Swedish for advice.

2) Check the entry requirements

Once you have decided where you wish to apply to, you can start searching for detailed information.

Entry requirements are always degree programme specific. This is also true for English proficiency requirements, the documentation you need to send in, the possible entrance exam or the required SAT test score, and so on. You should therefore check these details on the university/UAS websites. The entry requirements are also listed in the degree programme descriptions on the Studyinfo.fi application page. Contact the Admissions Services of the university/UAS if you have detailed questions!

3) Check the application timetables - and apply on time

The starting point for submitting applications is the Studyinfo.fi website. There is no application fee charged in the national Studyinfo.fi application system.


You can only apply during certain application periods. The application period depends on the degree programme you wish to apply to. If you are a non-EU student and are required to pay tuition fees, you can usually also apply for a scholarship from the university/UAS at this stage.

If you are unsure of when you can apply to a certain degree programme, you can turn to the university/UAS Admissions Services for advice.

General information on how to get started you can find at:

Note that it is not recommended to use any fee-charging educational consultancies or agencies when making your application.

After the application period is over (and also the entrance exams, if applicable) the universities/UAS's start processing the applications. Check with the university/UAS for the admission decisions timetable, as the results announcement dates may vary. Also keep in mind that if you're offered a study place, you'll need to confirm your acceptance on time. You can only accept one study place per term. Detailed information on these matters is available on the Studyinfo.fi application site.

4) Scholarships & financing your studies

You should draft a realistic plan for funding your studies in Finland, so that you will be able to cover your living costs and also the possible tuition fees. The universities offer non-EU/EEA scholarship options in their fee-charging Bachelor’s and Master’s level degree programmes taught in English. You usually apply for these at the same time when you apply for admission. Information on these scholarship options is available from the universities and UAS's.

On Doctoral/PhD-level there are no tuition fees charged, but you should be prepared to cover your living costs independently. Some Doctoral/PhD level scholarship programmes exist, for example the EDUFI scholarships.

5) Apply for your student visa / residence permit

Depending on your nationality you may need to apply for a permit to enter Finland.

If you are a non-EU/EEA national, you should start your student residence permit application process as soon as possible after you have been officially admitted to a Finnish university or UAS.

If you are invited to Finland to partake in an entrance exam, you may need to apply for a short-term visa first.

Refer to the section Visas and residence permits for starter’s guidance!

6) Accommodation and other practicalities

If you have been admitted - congratulations! You can start arranging the practical aspects of your arrival and student life in Finland. Your host university or UAS can advise you best on local student accommodation options and other student services, but you can also find some general information on our website in the section Practical matters of this website.

If you need advice…

We hope the above checklist assists you!