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FAQ on diploma evaluation

I have a HNC / HND diploma from my home country. Which level of studies can I apply to in Finland?

The Finnish higher education system does not currently have equivalent degree levels to such qualifications as 'certificate' or 'diploma' degrees. In Finland, the Bachelor's degree is the first possible higher education degree. Generally speaking, there are no ready-made top-up degree course options available in Finland for those who would like to, for example, complement their HND-type degree with one year of additional studies to gain a Bachelor's degree.

Since qualifications like HNC (Higher National Certificate) and HND (Higher National Diploma) are usually one- or two-year degrees, they may not in themselves suffice to provide eligibility to apply for Master's-level programmes, where a three-year Bachelor's level degree usually is the minimum eligibility requirement.

Those HNC or HND holders who would be interested in completing a Bachelor's in Finland would need to apply using their upper secondary school leaving certificates (i.e. in a similar manner to those who have just finished their pre-university education, via normal undergraduate admission routes - see section Bachelor's admissions) and afterwards, if they are admitted into a Bachelor's degree programme, they may negotiate with their hosting institution whether they can get some course compensation based on their earlier HNC or HND studies. This course compensation based on earlier studies however is completely at the discretion of the hosting Finnish institution, so you must ask about posible options directly with the university/UAS Admisisons Services.

If you are interested in completing a Master's in Finland, it might be a good idea to first complement your HNC or HND diploma to Bachelor's level in your home country; alternatively, you can check with the Finnish university/UAS whether they can offer an alternative solution in your particular case.

When I'm applying to a Finnish university or UAS, who will evaluate my previous certificates and diplomas?

This kind of diploma evaluation is often referred to as academic recognition, and it is carried out by the Admissions Services of the Finnish higher education institutions. So, if you have any questions regarding your eligibility and your previous school/university diplomas, you should contact the Admissions Services of the Finnish university/UAS you're applying to for advice.