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“I feel really safe and welcome”

Sunny, China, Bachelor’s Degree Programme, Business Information Technology

Sunny’s original name is Xu Mosangzi. Like most of the Chinese living abroad, she changed her name to a version that is comprehensible for Europeans. About a year ago, she arrived in Finland to study Business Information Technology at the University of Applied Science, Haaga-Helia in Helsinki. Her hometown Wuhan is a city with more than six million inhabitants in central China – with hot summers and mild winters. In Wuhan the temperature seldom falls below zero.

Compared to her former living environment, the capital of Finland is small and the climate here is poles apart. However, Sunny enjoys the contrast: “Although Finland is a cold and quiet country, it feels good to meet the differences here and experience this unique culture. I really feel safe and welcome.”

Since the beginning of her studies, she has been taking the mandatory Finnish courses at her school. In everyday life, she still uses Finnish rarely, but manages in English. “Mostly all of the Finns I have met speak English very well, even if they don’t sometimes dare. And of course, all of the courses at school are held in English”, she adds.

For Sunny, everyday life in Finland is balanced and stress-free. She experiences her education in the same way. “The requirements of courses are high and so is the quality of teaching. I have to study a lot, but I don’t feel that much pressure compared to China – neither from the teachers nor from the other students.”

She appreciates the freedom and self-determination that students own in Finland. “Students have a great range of choice here. I can choose lots of different courses suited to my preferences and interests.” Since Finnish institutions do not charge any tuition fee from international degree students, Sunny gains more financial freedom compared to other countries; living expenses being comparably high in Finland.

The Chinese student didn’t know much about Finland before she arrived. Besides US and Britain she considered Northern Europe for studying and finally chose Finland. “I heard of the high quality of the Finnish educations system and imagined this country as very modern and technologically developed. After a year of studying in Finland, I have to say: I experienced the country exactly this way.”

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