”Finland is a small but very modern knowledge society.”

Sasha, Russia, Postdoctoral Researcher Psychology

“The equipment of the university here is excellent. In my field of research, this applies especially for the neurological laboratories and the extensive selection of the university library.”

Sasha is a postdoctoral researcher at the Cognitive Brain Research Unit at the University of Helsinki. In Finland, he will now spend a year in a research group that works in the field of neurology and cognitive science.

The ‘post-doc’ from Russia, who holds a research position at the at an institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences emphasizes that he was particularly surprised by the easy access to a broad spectrum of information in his host country.

“Finland is a small but very modern knowledge society. It is easy to get access to all kinds of information, not only on the scientific level, but in everyday life. The city library of Helsinki, for example, is better equipped in certain fields than some university libraries in Europe, I know. The computer facilities are usually up-to-date. A fast internet connection for all users is of course standard in the university, but it is also common in mainly all of the city library departments.”

Talking about everyday life, the researcher especially praises the infrastructure of the city. “Good metro, bus and train connections are making it easy to travel around fast within the city. In addition, public transport is affordable in Helsinki. In the beginning, I brought my car with me until I realized that I don’t need it here. I am better off and mostly faster with using public transport.”

Sasha says he went through a short period of adapting to Finnish mentality. “The Finns keep a certain distance. But while they are doing so, they also grant others space.”

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