”Finland is the country that pursuits perfection and gives 100%”

Oleg, Sports and Leisure Management, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

While some choose Finland because it can provide them with something they have never experienced before, for Oleg it was a matter of familiarity. Being Russian, he was already acquainted with this neighbor to the West: “It has been my constant intention to study in Finland for many years. During my childhood my family always traveled to Finland to celebrate the New Year and do some downhill skiing, for example. I’ve become very familiar with the culture by many visits.”

He had heard Finland characterized as a boring place to live, but this is not how he feels. “As soon as I started studying I realized it always depends on the person. If you are not interested in anything you shouldn’t blame the place you study at.” He thinks the high standards justify the costs: “The living conditions are amazingly good. The costs are a little bit higher than in Russia but in my opinion for good service we pay this much money.”

As a hard-working student, Oleg starts his days with studying. He deeply appreciates the way Finnish education is structured: “The system is great at making a student give 100% to be more productive. The teaching methods also give tremendous results.” Being a Sports major, the only thing that Oleg misses in Finnish higher education is university sport teams. “In Russia there are teams of at least one specific sport per high school, college and university.”

Oleg also wants to share something he learned about Finland: "For those who consider Finland as a studying place I would say that they need to understand that it is a country where you have to respect the laws, rules and listen to advice from people who have been living there for years. Moreover there is no such thing as ‘Just had a conversation with the police and they let me go’. Penalties are strict and it is better not breaking any law."