“We received a lot of information about real business life”

Elfia, Kyrgyzstan, Bachelor’s Degree Programme, Business Information Technology

Elfia tells enthusiastically about her study trip from Finland to Sweden. As a part of the degree programme in Business Information Technology (BITE) at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, the students have just travelled to the neighbouring country visiting a number of global enterprises. “We were introduced to several companies that are active in the fields of telecommunications, finance and media. The excursion was great. We received a lot of information about real business life.”

Frequently, the school organizes company visits in Finland and students are also travelling to Germany for such visits. These activities are not arranged because of their educational value but have down-to-earth reasons. At an early stage during their studies, the students are supported by their institutions in building up a professional network of their own.

The 24-year-old Elfia whose home is the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, values the efforts of her school. “Getting the chance to gain these contacts is essential for my professional future. If you are just studying and don’t have any personal relations with the business world, entering the labour market is difficult. With the support of my school, I can start setting up my professional network here”, she says.

For the first time the young Kyrgyz woman heard of Finland from a friend in Bishkek, who had just returned from Helsinki as an exchange student. “My friend was really satisfied with her time in Finland and at this stage I was already committed to study Information Technology. I did research on the internet and finally was convinced to go to Finland when I found out that the country is one of the leaders in IT development and in the education of IT experts.”

After her graduation, Elfia would like to stay in Finland and start working for a Finnish company. Although, she says, without good knowledge of Finnish it might be difficult to begin a professional career here. Nevertheless, the entire study programme she is participating in is held in English and Elfia also speaks perfect Russian. After graduating she will have excellent qualifications for starting a career on an international level anywhere.

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