Living and studying in Finland

In this section you can read the experiences of students and scholars who chose Finland as their study destination.

Erasmus and other exchange programmes

"Finnish climate and culture are pretty much the complete opposite of Australia" - Candice from Australia. Erasmus Exchange Student, Social Sciences.

"I always dreamt of Lapland, meeting Santa Claus and seeing reindeer. My dreams came true" - Marlena from Poland. Erasmus Exchange Student, Baltic Sea Region Studies.

“I belong to a group I call Anonymous Finnoholics” - Justyna Robak.

“Learn how to use your own creativity and be innovative”- Markus from Austria. Erasmus Exchange Student, Music/Violin.

“The quality of teaching is remarkable” - Moritz from Austria. Erasmus Exchange Student, Political Science (Vienna), Public Administration/Intercultural Studies (Vaasa).

“Finland has an interesting geographical location”- Sila and Adem from Turkey. Erasmus Exchange Students, Industrial Engineering.

"I wanted to see something new, where not many people form my home country have been before" - Sinna from Germany. Erasmus Exchange Student, English.

Bachelor's Studies

”Finland is the country that pursuits perfection and gives 100%” - Oleg from Russia. Bachelor's Degree Programme, Sports and Leisure Management.

“I like to live according to my own will and passion” - Trang from Vietnam. Bacherlor's Degree Programme, International Business.

“Thanks to the flexibility of the Finnish education system, I was able to finish school one year earlier and start studying immediately”- Andrei from Romania. Bachelor’s Degree Programme, Linguistics.

“We received a lot of information about real business life”- Elfia from Kyrgyzstan. Bachelor’s Degree Programme, Business Information Technology.

“A perfect training for real business life” - Tara from South Africa. Bachelor’s Degree Programme, International Business.

“I feel really safe and welcome” - Sunny from China. Bachelor’s Degree Programme, Business Information Technology.

Master's Studies

“I feel free to explicitly share my ideas and views”- Bang Jeon Lee from South Korea. Master’s Degree Programme, Furniture Design.

“The living environment is safe”- Chang from China. Master’s Degree Programme, Telecommunication.

“The nature here is really incredible”- Darryl from Canada. Master’s Degree Programme, General History.

“A new world revealed”- Kompit from Thailand. Master’s Degree Programme, International Design.

“Studying here is a very personal and collaborative experience”- Marcus from Austria. Master’s Degree Programme, Paper Technology.

Doctoral Studies

Finland is a small but very modern knowledge society”- Sasha from Russia. Postdoctoral Researcher Psychology.

“I especially like the kindness of the people” - René from Netherlands. PhD Student, Sociology.

Alumni Testimonials

"My perfect Sunday is picking mushrooms in the forest and enjoying a grilled sausage by my favourite lake" - Evon from Malaysia. Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management.