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Information on non-EU/EEA tuition fees and scholarships

Tuition fees and related new scholarship options will be introduced for non-EU/EEA students in Finland from August 2017 onwards. Depending on the degree course, the annual tuition fees can vary from 5000 to 20.000 euros approximately.

The fees concern non-EU/EEA degree students who start their studies in English-taught Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in August 2017 or after that.

There will also be new scholarship/financial support options for gifted non-EU/EEA students enrolled in the fee-charging degree programmes.

Each Finnish university and UAS (university of applied science) independently decides their fee structure, and their scholarship system details.

How to find out more information:

"Am I required to pay tuition fees?"

Not all non-EU/EEA citizens are automatically subject to tuition fees, there are also exemption rules. You can refer to the guidelines on the application site to find out whether you would be exempt from tuition fees.

Whom to contact if you have fee-related questions:

If you have questions regarding the tuition fees or the related scholarship options, please contact the Admissions Office of the Finnish university or UAS (university of applied sciences) you are planning to apply to.

You can find the Admissions Offices' contact details on the institutions' own Admissions info pages.